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What Calls Were Made by the Super Bowl Referee Bill Vinovich Throughout the 2023 Season?

The Super Bowl LVIII is around the corner with the anticipation growing with each passing day. The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers have been compared in every aspect possible, with attention now turning to the officials who will oversee the game. This year, the showdown will be officiated by veteran referee Bill Vinovich. Given the scrutiny surrounding officiating errors in 2023, fans now point their fingers at Vinovich.

Bill Vinovich is known to be a non-controversial referee, known for being a bit chary on the field. Despite his reputation, some fans believe that Vinovich’s involvement points to a clear winner in the Super Bowl. According to Dan Mitchell, the famous NFL YouTuber and TikToker, the outcome of the game can be in the favor of the Chiefs.

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Throughout the season, Vinovich officiated a total of 17 games, each with its own set of calls and penalties. These included 1531 penalty yards, including one matchup in the postseason. His home yards accounted for a total of 809 yards, as opposed to 722 in the away yards. Interestingly, Bill Vinovich has remained a stranger to the Kansas City Chiefs dynamics this season, with zero games with them in 2023, while officiating a sole matchup for the San Francisco 49ers’ Week 16 loss against the Baltimore Ravens.

Bill Vinovich Takes Center at 49ers vs. Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII

Bill Vinovich has a brief history with the mighty Niners in the 2023 season. In the Week 16 match on Christmas Day, Vinovich called six penalties for 67 yards against the San Francisco 49ers. However, he did not spare the Baltimore Ravens either, calling a total of 10 penalties for 102 yards.

As also highlighted by Dan Mitchell, the Chiefs have been an overall favorite for a three-year trend. Although the San Francisco 49ers faced 10 penalties in one game, the Chiefs faced only four penalties for a total of 32 yards last year in one game. Adding to the stats, his three games had a total of 11 penalties for 81 yards against the Chiefs. There is another point of contention for the 49ers, as Bill Vinovich refereed at the Super Bowl LIV, where the 49ers lost against the Chiefs.

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Therefore, in Mitchell’s view, he might be considered a slight bent towards the Chiefs in their rematch against the 49ers. Then again, Vinovich’s stats have a count that is particularly tougher on the home team. The match in question was a 33-19 loss for the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens at Levi’s Stadium. This could mean that the 49ers and Chiefs are on an equal footing at the Super Bowl as far as it involves Bill Vinovich.

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