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Who left the reality show? – The financial

MasterChef Celebrity He experienced his seventh elimination with a so-called ‘advance final’ between Litzy, Itatí and Itzel. In this new season of the program, where some influencers and celebrities such as Ferka, Raúl, Paco de Miguelamong others.

This version of MasterChef It is a live competition program, where a group of celebrities meet in a kitchen to face different gastronomic challenges with the goal of winning the prize.

What happened in the MasterChef 2024 elimination challenge?

On this occasion, the elimination challenge consisted of preparing creams with the ingredients assigned by the judges, among which were pistachios, huitlacoche and pumpkin flower.

For this elimination challenge, there were only three participants who faced each other to define the new eliminated, in a so-called ‘advance final’ between three of the best participants of the reality show: Itatí, Itzel and Litzy.

Who was the seventh eliminated from ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ 2024?

In an ‘advance final’ with three of the best participants of the reality show who faced each other in the elimination challenge, Itzel ‘Nurse’ was the seventh eliminated.

The couple of ‘Capi’ Pérezwas the new one eliminated in the current season of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’.

Where to watch ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ 2024?

The seventh chapter of MasterChef Celebrity starts at 8:00 p.m., where episodes last up to 190 minutes. The program is broadcast live every Sunday at the same time.

There are different ways to enjoy the current season of MasterChef Celebrity in Mexico.

  • Aztec ONE: on television or in the app.
  • Repetitions of the reality show appear on channels -1 and -2 of Aztec One.
  • On social networks, on the show’s official accounts, the best moments of each episode are usually shared.
  • Full episodes are available on streaming Max.

MasterChef Celebrity 2024 judges

The judges of the 2024 edition are some familiar faces: the chefs Adrian HerreraZahie Téllez and Alfonso Cadena Rubio.

Who left ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ 2024?

So far, seven contestants have been eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity among which are:

When did ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ 2024 start and who are the participants?

A total of 20 celebrities, including celebrities, actors, comedians, singers and influencers, are part of the 2024 season that began on March 17.

Until now, a total of 14 celebrities remain in the competition, where each episode the list becomes smaller until there are only three contestants left for the Grand Finale.

  • Rossana Nájera (actress)
  • Grupero King (influencer)
  • Ernesto Cázares (influencer)
  • Ferka (actress)
  • Mario Sandoval (singer)
  • Harold Azuara (actor)
  • Fran Hevia (comedian)
  • Rafa Balderrama (driver)
  • Camila Fernández (singer)
  • Jawy Méndez (influencer)
  • Laura Bozzo (host)
  • Litzy (actress)
  • Itati Cantoral (singer)
  • Raúl Sandoval (actor)
  • Natalia Subtil (model)
  • Paco de Miguel (influencer)

What is the MasterChef Celebrity prize?

In past editions, the program gave the winner a commemorative trophy and a briefcase containing one million pesos. The last winner was Irma Miranda in 2023.

  • Winner 2023: Irma Miranda
  • Finalists: Francisco Palencia and Ricardo Capetillo
  • Winner 2022: Ricardo Peralta
  • Finalists: Lorena Herrera and Arturo López Gavito
  • Winner 2021: German Montero
  • Finalists: Paco Chacón, Stephanie Salas and Paty Navidad

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