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Anitta reveals her desire to return to parade in Sapucaí: ‘When they call me, I’ll love it’ | The Day in the Folia

AnitaLarissa Herbas / Agência O DIA

Published 02/12/2024 02:03

Rio – Even with the intense schedule at Carnival, Anitta was present in a box at Sapucaí, which is her muse, in the early hours of this Monday (12). With a sparkling look, the singer revealed that she did not receive an invitation to parade this year, but did not rule out her desire to shine on the Avenue.

“They didn’t invite me. But when they call me, I’m going to love it. It’s because every time I come, there’s this agenda issue, right? Maybe that’s why,” he said, explaining the possible reason for not having received the invitation.

Poderosa also gave details about her choice of look. “We tried to follow this vibe that I’m creating in my Rehearsals and my shows. We followed the colors of the box”, she said.

After a whirlwind of shows, the singer reported that her body has felt the intense routine. “My voice is starting to disappear. I’m already doing some policing here,” she said. Then, she revealed her plans for the night. “Today I’m going to stay here until I get tired, I just can’t talk too much.”

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