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At her debut in Sapucaí, Giovana Cordeiro reveals her dream of being a drum queen | The Day in the Folia

Giovana Cordeiro parades for the first time in Marquês de SapucaíLeo Franco/ Agnews / Agência O DIA

Published 02/11/2024 21:39 | Updated 02/11/2024 21:40

Rio – Giovana Cordeiro, 27 years old, cannot hide her excitement when parading for the first time in Marquês de Sapucaí. In the final stretch of “Fuzuê”, the actress, who plays Luna in the serial, says that after Carnival she will enter the final recording phase of the plot. She parades as a standout on the floor at Unidos do Porto da Pedra.

“I’m in the final stretch of ‘Fuzuê’. After Carnival, the recordings will end. It was a choice to work hard to cope. I’m very happy. Carnival gives me a reinvigorated sense of joy to return with a different excitement for the recordings”, says the actress.

The artist shows that the experience of parading is here to stay. “It’s my first time and I’ve already been to the first school.” Asked if she would like to be a drum queen, Giovana doesn’t hide it: “Yes, for sure. Carnival is getting addictive, I want more and more”, she declares. During concentration, the actress cools herself with a portable fan.

This year, Porto da Pedra returns to the Special Group with the plot “O Lunário Perpétuo: A Profética do Saber Popular”, which is being developed by carnival artist Mauro Quintaes and plot artist Diego Araújo. The school is the first to parade this night in Marquê de Sapucaí.

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