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Beneficiaries of the Mujeres con Bienestar Card will receive 7,500 pesos in the State of Mexico – El Financiero

VALLE DE CHALCO SOLIDARIDAD, State of Mexico.- As part of its commitment to strengthen the comprehensive program Women with Wellbeing, the Governor of the State of Mexico, Delfina Gómez Álvarez, The delivery of 250 thousand cards to Mexican women who registered in a second stage began, who will receive a deposit of 7,500 pesos corresponding to three two-month periods and they will be able to access a dozen benefits in health, education and assistance to guarantee their development.

“Now we are with you to provide you with this support for your well-being. With the program Women with Wellbeing We have been able to return to the Mexican women who trusted us to be heard, but above all, to receive a response to their needs. With the moral and social commitment that I have made since the beginning of my administration, through the Comprehensive Women with Wellbeing program“We are supporting Mexican women in vulnerable conditions,” he said. Master Delfina Gómez.

In an event held in Deportivo Luis Donaldo Colosio, the Governor of the State of Mexico pointed out that the operation of this program is possible for the Mexicans who contribute with their taxes, and for the his Cabinet officials that serve the austerity measures to distribute them fairly and equitably to the most vulnerable sectors.

“Very especially I want to address you, you are the most important thing today, in fact we come not only to do an act of giving support, but we come to do an act of justice,” said the Governor Delfina Gómez in the presence of a thousand beneficiaries Mexicans.

Teacher Delfina Gómez said that according to data from Inegi and Coneval2 million 359 thousand 900 women between 18 and 64 years old in the Mexico state live in poverty, and 338 thousand 510 in extreme poverty, therefore, decided to face this situation with this program that reaches 650 thousand beneficiaries: 400 thousand of the first stage who have already received their card and 250 thousand more who will receive it from the February 12 to 24.

Delfina Gómez delivers Women with Wellbeing cards

The Governor of the State of Mexico He pointed out that the Mujeres con Bienestar program is comprehensive support, and through the card that the beneficiaries receive today they will also be able to access a dozen benefits, such as training programs, emotional assistance, funeral home, telephone medical and telemedicine, as well as health insurance. life.

“In the State of Mexico we will support the transformation of our country with actions like those we are carrying out today in Chalco Valley Solidarity, “That show that we want a fair country without corruption,” said the Mexican President.

Juan Carlos González Romero, Secretary of Welfare of the entity, reported that in Valle de Chalco there are 11,500 Mexicans who are part of the Women with Wellbeing program, which, he stressed, was designed so that the resources reach the beneficiaries directly and without intermediaries. Likewise, he recalled that, for the This year’s electoral ban, payment for three two-month periods will be advancedso they will be receiving 7,500 pesos.

Present at the event were Axayácatl Ramírez Chávez, Delegate of Wellbeing Programs in the State of Mexico; Janet Rodríguez Sandoval, Regional Director Valle de Chalco Solidarity of the Wellness Programsand Armando García Méndez, Municipal President of Valle de Chalco Solidaridad, as well as a thousand beneficiaries of this program.

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