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Charlie’s Bar in The Parade, Margate which appeared on Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr, suddenly closes

A seafront bar and restaurant which appeared on a TV makeover show has suddenly closed leaving locals “truly devastated”.

Charlie’s Bar in The Parade, Margate was run by its owners for five years and previous featured on the BBC’s Interior Design Masters.

Charlie's Bar in The Parade on the Margate seafront has closed suddenly. Picture: Google
Charlie’s Bar in The Parade on the Margate seafront has closed suddenly. Picture: Google

In a Facebook post, they announced the closure last Thursday causing an outpouring of sadness from customers.

The status read: “Thursday will be our last day serving at Charlie’s, we will be closed until further notice.

“For five years we have been at Charlie’s and we just want to say thank you for coming and supporting us in everything we have done to make Charlie’s what it is.

“Our work team have been amazing and there’s been lots of enjoyable moments with you all.

“You have worked so hard and I just want to say thank you for being in our team and being a part of the Charlie’s family. From Roy, Darren and Fred.”

Customers of Charlie's Bar in Margate are "truly devastated" by the closure. Picture: Google
Customers of Charlie’s Bar in Margate are “truly devastated” by the closure. Picture: Google

The venue, on the edge of Margate Old Town, served a wide range of dishes and cuisines including steak, pizza, curry, tacos and pasta.

It also held events such as bingo, live music and quiz nights.

The restaurant and bar was one of two venues – alongside Olby’s also in the old town – to get the treatment from the amateur designers in the 2022 series of Interior Design Masters.

The show, hosted by Alan Carr, pitted two teams against each other with much of their resulting creative flair remaining after the camera crews left town.

Reacting to the news of Charlie’s closure, one of the 184 commenters on the post said: “I’m so sad to hear this.

So many wonderful memories have been made at Charlie’s.

“You will be so very missed.”

Another added: “I’m truly devastated.

“I love coming for my latte fix and enjoying being served by your amazing staff.

“Wishing you all every success and happiness in whatever you do in the future.”

One sad customer wrote: “I’m sorry to hear you are closing.

‘You will be so very missed…’

“I recommended you every day all summer, and people have come back to say ‘thank you, we loved it’.

“Congratulations on a great job, and I wish you all the best in your next chapter.”

Another said: “No please don’t close!

“We love coming to Charlie’s and have got to know Roy, Darren & Fred so well over the years.

“Can’t believe it.”

The reason behind the closure has not been confirmed. Charlie’s Bar has been contacted for comment.

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