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Chico Moedas and friends mock Luiza Sonza’s song: ‘I don’t know it’ | Daniel Nascimento

Luísa Sonza exposes in ‘Mais Você’ the end of her relationship with Chico Moedas after the influencer’s betrayalReproduction/Instagram/TV Globo

Published 02/11/2024 15:23

Influencer Chico Moedas, known for his relationship with singer Luíza Sonza, took advantage of the afternoon of last Saturday (10) to enjoy the sunny day by the pool.

However, the moment went viral on the web, after Moedas was surprised by Jon Vlogs and another friend who asked him to sing the song “Chico”, composed by his ex Luíza when they were together.

The influencer refused his friends’ request and made fun of the situation. “I don’t know that one”, said the young man, putting an end to the joke.

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