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Corsair Juve beat Inter 1-0, Kostic – Libero Quotidiano decides

MILAN (ITALPRESS) – The Italian derby goes to Juventus, who beat Inter 1-0 at San Siro, finding three very heavy points. It was Kostic who decided the match in the first half, after a quick restart from him. Tension at the end of the match, with red lights for D’Ambrosio and Paredes. Tense nerves at Inter, in the third knockout in the last four Serie A matches; instead Juve smiles, continuing its run-up after the 15-point penalty.
After just two minutes it was Barella who warmed up Szczesny’s hands with a nice right-footed shot from the edge which was saved for a corner by the Pole. The challenge between the two was repeated in the 18th minute, when the national team midfielder shot from inside the area after a nice close triangle with Lukaku but Szczesny blocked centrally. The hosts got off to a better start but it was the Bianconeri who scored in the 23rd minute, on their first good chance. Rabiot and Vlahovic exchange a good one-two, with the Frenchman spreading on the left for Kostic, who finds a millimeter diagonal that petrifies Onana, slipping into the far corner for the 1-0. A goal validated after several minutes of waiting, with Inzaghi’s men who wanted it canceled due to an alleged touch of the hand by Rabiot at the beginning of the action. The images do not clarify: instead the arms of Vlahovic, also guilty of an “uncertain” control, are along the body.
The Nerazzurri try to react but expose themselves to the opponent’s counterattack, with Vlahovic and his teammates squandering a couple of potential opportunities. The two teams go into the break at 1-0. The locals try in the 3rd minute of the second half, when Dimarco sends in a cross shot on which Brozovic arrives with his left plate but the ball goes wide. In the 13th minute Vlahovic receives the ball on the edge of the area and shoots weakly instead of widening to the right for Fagioli who was completely alone in the area. In the 28th minute, the newcomer Chiesa starts from before halfway, reaches the limit and kicks but the ball ends up wide by a couple of metres. Five minutes later, Vlahovic widens on the left for Chiesa himself who crosses well in the middle but Onana is decisive to touch with his fingertips anticipating the very usual Locatelli. The music at Inter doesn’t change despite the whirlwind of substitutions and the final assaults don’t lead to real goal opportunities. The result will no longer vary.
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