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Drug leader and three other suspects are arrested in operation in Morro do Urubu | Rio de Janeiro

In the action, agents seized rifles, grenades, a large quantity of drugs and military material.Reginaldo Pimenta / Agência O Dia

Published 05/02/2024 10:16 | Updated 05/02/2024 10:18

Rio – Agents from the Narcotics Repression Police Station (DRE) arrested, on the morning of this Monday (5), Iuri de Oliveira Sodré, known as B2, identified as head of drug trafficking, as well as three other suspects, in Morro do Urubu, in North Zone. According to the Civil Police, weapons, grenades, drugs and military materials were seized.

Delegate Pedro Cassunde explained about the operation in Morro do Urubu. “This action is the result of investigative work, which aimed to dismantle this gang in that community that is dominated by the Red Command. During the action, we found a vacant lot with four abandoned houses. In one of them, we identified B2 carrying a rifle, in addition of a large quantity of drugs and nine grenades”, said the delegate.

At the scene, the police also arrested three other suspects, identified as Iuri Sodré’s security guards. “In another abandoned house, we arrested three security guards from B2, who were hiding with a rifle and a large quantity of drugs”, explained Pedro Cassunde.

Inside the vacant lot, agents also found a hole with a barrel full of drugs. In addition, several perfume launcher capsules, military materials, ammunition and electronic devices were seized.

The seizures and the four men were taken to the DRE, where they will be available to the courts.

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