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“Watch Blood and Guts to This Day”: Arnold Classic 2024 Contender Reveals Drawing Inspiration From Mike Mentzer’s Protege Dorian Yates

Bodybuilders, in recent times, have been experiencing a change in training techniques and routines. Not only have they been branching out of the traditional volume training, but they have also begun to draw inspiration from the mass monster era of bodybuilding. In recent times, pros like Nick Walker and James Hollingshead have opened up on looking up to the icon Dorian Yates for their training techniques.

In a recent episode of The Menace Podcast, host Dennis James, Milos Sarcev, and Chris Cormier sat down with Arnold Classic 2024 contender James Hollingshead for a candid chat. The pro bodybuilder spoke about his plans surrounding the championship and Yates being his guiding light.

For the British bodybuilder, Yates was the torchbearer who introduced a new way of training to gain mass. Often compared to the icon due to his roots and physique, Hollingshead admitted that the veteran paved a path for English bodybuilders like him to shine.

“You can only relate to certain people. A lot of it comes to ethnicity, you know genetics obviously. I’m just a white geezer from England who has to compare myself to what is not obtainable, because Dorian’s not obtainable.”

And while he acknowledged that he had a long way to go before he could come close to Yates’ prime, he was able to relate to him due to various circumstances. The veteran was one of his favorite bodybuilders who set the blueprint for an ideal physique for him.

“He wished us luck with the Arnold which is very meaningful because Dorian’s a man of very few words…I watch Blood and Guts to this day most days before training just because it just never fails.”

Currently, Hollingshead is gearing up for the Arnold Classic 2024 with consistent training. As he reaches the final lap, fans will expect him to put his best foot forth. This year, he’s pitted against icons like Hadi Choopan, Samson Dauda, and more. However, with some guidance from the training techniques of Yates, he might just change the game.

How Dorian Yates’ rise came courtesy of Mike Mentzer and his philosophy

After his first Mr. Olympia title, Yates knew he had to keep winning as long as he could. He sought guidance from Mentzer, who took him under his wing. What followed was an epic collaboration between an expert in high-intensity training and an iconic bodybuilder who responded well to the routine.

Yates acquired the Temple Gym around that time to work out with full focus. He would put all his might and strength towards single-set exercises guided by his mentor. Soon, the duo grew popular for Yates’ Blood and Guts workout, which many modern-day bodybuilders like Hollingshead still swear by. And that’s how they created a legacy.

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