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Israel’s war in Gaza leaves more than 12,000 Palestinian girls and boys murdered – El Financiero

The night bombing of Israel has suffered great devastation in RafahGaza City which has a border with Egypt and where now 1.4 million Palestinians live due to displacement from the war. Associated Press images showed a large area of ​​razed houses, tattered tents and rows of bloodied bodies taken to nearby hospitals.

The Israeli offensive on Gaza has killed more than 28 thousand peoplehas displaced more than 80 percent of the population and triggered a serious massive humanitarian crisis.

More than 12 thousand 300 Palestinian girls, boys and adolescents have been killed in this conflictThe Gaza Ministry of Health reported this Monday. Among those killed were also some 8,400 women.

That means the children and adolescents represent about 43 percent of the deadand women and minors together represent three quarters.

The ministry provided the breakdown at AP’s request. Israel claims to have killed around 10,000 Hamas fighters but has provided no evidence.

In Hamas cross-border incursion On October 7, an estimated 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were killed and 250 people were taken captive by militants, according to AP citing Israeli authorities.

Israel has described Rafah as “the last remaining Hamas stronghold in the territory” and has signaled that its ground offensive could soon target the city on the southern tip of the Gaza Strip.

For months, Israel has asked the population of Gaza to mobilize towards Rafah, which had been designated as a “safe zone” for civiliansbut also It has bombed there on several occasions and is now planning a ground incursion.

Israel It says about 100 hostages remain held captive by Hamas after dozens were freed during a ceasefire in November. Hamas also holds the remains of approximately 30 other people who were killed on October 7 or died in captivity in the bombings.

The Israeli government has claimed that the release of the hostages is the main objective of its war, along with the destruction of Hamas military and government facilities. He has rejected several proposals for this. And as the fighting drags on, divisions have emerged in Israel over the method of recovering the captives.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahusays persistent military pressure will achieve freedom for captives, even when The hostages’ families and many of their supporters have called on the government to reach another agreement with Hamas.

Netanyahu has said that sending ground troops to Rafah is essential to meeting Israel’s war goals. On Sunday, the White House said President Joe Biden had warned Netanyahu that Israel should not carry out a military operation there without a “credible and executable” plan to protect civilians.

More than half of Gaza’s 2.3 million people are now overcrowded in Rafah where hundreds of thousands live in sprawling tent camps and crowded UN shelters.

‘They are shooting at us’: The story of the Hind girl and her family, murdered in Gaza

The sound of gunshots could be heard over the phone as the teenager hid in the car and talked. A israeli tank was near the vehicle as she and her family tried to heed Israel’s call to evacuate his home in Gaza.

The israeli troops They were shooting at the car, the teenager said in the terrified calls she made to family members and emergency services. Everyone in the vehicle died except her and her 5-year-old cousin, Hindusaid.

“They are shooting at us,” said Layan, 15, to the Palestinian Red Crescent. “The tank is next to me.” And then there was a burst of gunfire. She screamed and fell silent.

That call on January 29 began a desperate rescue attempt by Palestinian Red Crescent doctors, one of many during the war in Gaza. But after the organization sent an ambulance, he lost contact with the crew.

Just on Saturday, 12 days later, the ambulance was found, blackened and destroyed. The two doctors were dead. The Palestinian Red Crescent accused the israeli forces of attacking the ambulance when it stopped near the family’s vehicle. The organization said it had coordinated the trip with Israeli forces as in the past.

The family car was also found with six bodies, including those of Layan and Hind.

The Palestinian Red Crescent sent an ambulance after Layan remained silent. Hours later, he lost contact with the doctors, Yousef Zeino and Ahmed al-Madhoun, when they arrived at the scene.

For days, the organization shared the story of Hind, his family and the missing doctors on social media, even posting the audio of the phone call with Layan, in a plea for help.

On Saturday, after Israeli troops withdrew from the area and civilians informed the Palestinian Red Crescent about the bodies, he shared a video of the ambulance, vandalized and burned. Nearby was a car said to be the family’s, vandalized and riddled with bullet holes.

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