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Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts line up for the Great Andersonville Puzzle Exchange

CHICAGO — Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts lined up on Sunday for an event that continues to gain popularity in Andersonville.

The Great Andersonville Puzzle Exchange made its return over the weekend, and lines to get into the event stretched out the door at times.

The event, which was held at the Swedish American Museum in the 5200 block of North Clark Street, offered enthusiasts the chance to trade puzzles they had already completed for new ones that were completed by others at the event.

Puzzle enthusiasts were allowed to take as many puzzles as they brought, and some who attended the event were not playing around, bringing in large bags stuffed with puzzles to trade.

The exchange started back in 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdowns, so people could occupy themselves while cooped up inside.

The event also featured the first “Puzzle Throw-down.” A five-round competition that pitted puzzlers against each other as they fought to see who could complete a secret puzzle the fastest.

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