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Mike Madigan's former Chief of Staff Tim Mapes to be sentenced Monday

CHICAGO — The one-time chief of staff to former Illnois House Speaker Mike Madigan will be sentenced Monday.

During the hearing, Federal Judge John Kness ruled that he would allow some of the dozens of letters written in support of Tim Mapes to be unsealed. 

Prior to sentencing, the defense submitted the letters from Mapes’ family, friends and former colleagues. The letters were filed under seal, protecting the identities of who wrote them. 

Prosecutors argue that making those letters, or at least most of them public, was essential to the public interest.

In the end, the judge ruled many of the letters will be unsealed — with exceptions for those letters written by minors and family.

“There are two letters from minors. I don’t think the public interest is such that they need to see the names,” said Kness. 

Kness also ruled that letters from Mapes’ family, that include wholly personal information, should also remain under seal. 

“The private interest outweighs the public interest, in those cases,” said Kness. 

What will be made public will be letters from current and past public officials, written in support of Mapes.  

“This is a public case,” Kness told the court. “I think the public has the right to know who wrote letters on behalf of Mr. Mapes.”

When the letters will be unsealed and released will be decided later. 

Mapes is scheduled to be sentenced Monday afternoon.

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