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Paolla Oliveira’s costume at the parade featured a motor, LED and 40 thousand crystals | Daniel Nascimento

Paolla Oliveira’s jaguar costumeReproduction/Instagram

Published 02/12/2024 20:02

Fantasy Paola Oliveira It took the public’s breath away during the Grande Rio parade in the early hours of this Monday (12). To transform into a jaguar in Marquês de Sapucaí, in Rio de Janeiro, the Queen of Drums wore a look with a motor, LED and 40 thousand crystals.

The iconic costume featured an accessory that transformed the queen’s crown into a painted jaguar mask when she crossed the avenue. Paolla activated a mechanism with a subtle movement that lowered a jaguar mask with illuminated eyes. After dancing for a few moments, the mask goes up again, revealing the actress’s face. Check out:

In conversation with TV Globo, Paolla made a mystery by revealing details of how the mask was activated by her. “It’s the jaguar’s control. Do you think the jaguar will give control to someone?”, she joked.

Bruno Oliveira, creator of the piece used by the artist, told the Observatório dos Famosos website that the costume had a motor. Furthermore, the piece had crystals in shades of gold and black, as well as LEDs to illuminate the jaguar’s eyes. “The clothes are completely covered in crystals, embroidered with glass. We must be talking about more than a thousand crystals applied, between her head and body”, revealed Bruno.

This year, the plot of Grande Rio was based on the Tupinambá myth described in the book “Meu destiny é ser jaguar”, by Alberto Mussa. In the work, the jaguar is described as a symbol of these mythical narratives and represents disputes over identity.

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