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Parliamentarians denounce SP City Hall for irregularities

Six contracts between the City of São Paulo and two advertising agencies, Mworks Comunicação Ltda and Propeg Comunicação SA, are the subject of a complaint filed this Friday (15) at the Municipal Audit Court (TCM), at the Public Ministry of São Paulo. State of São Paulo (MP-SP) and the Public Electoral Ministry (MPE).

The complaint was filed with the three bodies by councilor Celso Giannazi (PSOL), state deputy Carlos Giannazi (PSOL) and federal deputy Luciene Cavalcante (PSOL), all from São Paulo.

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According to the complaint, the City of São Paulo had signed six contracts, three with each agency, covering the years 2021, 2022 and 2023. In this contract format, Mworks and Propeg are responsible for producing the government’s advertising content São Paulo and hire communication companies that will broadcast this advertisement.

However, in accounting for the use of resources from each contract, the government of Mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB) only attached proof of payment to the communication companies, without presenting any justification, contract with the media or even signage about space or advertisement broadcasting time.

According to Ordinance 170 of 2020, from the Municipal Finance Department, in addition to proof of payment, the City of São Paulo should also present a copy of the request for service provision; invoice, invoice-invoice, electronic service invoice or equivalent document; detailed measurements proving the quantity produced, in the case of a service provided by production, in the period to which the payment and attestation of the invoice, invoice-invoice, electronic service invoice or equivalent document refers.

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None of the documents established as mandatory by the ordinance were found by the parliamentary teams. O Brazil in fact had access to the documents. There are thousands of payment receipts, without any reference other than just the sender and recipient of the resource (see image below).

Proof of payment used by City Hall to justify payment to Globo, but it is not known what service was provided / Photo: Disclosure

“There is no transparency whatsoever from Ricardo Nunes, he is inflating this advertising quota, because there is the possibility of him spending this money in the election year, since this spending in an election year is made based on the average of the previous three years. The mayor is already thinking about 2024, everything he has done in São Paulo is aimed at the 2024 election”, said Celso Giannazi.

In the complaint, the parliamentarians ask the bodies to order the City of São Paulo to immediately regularize the payment processes carried out by Mworks Comunicação and Propeg Comunicação; that an audit of contracts be carried out; and that, if any fraud is proven, those responsible will be held responsible for the loss to public coffers.

Other side

When contacted, Propeg did not respond until the closing of this article. If you do so, the text will be updated. WWorks representatives could not be reached.

São Paulo City Hall sent a note:

All payment processes for Propeg and MWorks agencies’ advertising contracts strictly follow the administrative and legal procedures related to contractual execution. SEI process nº 6010.2021/0000895-0 is the original process from the beginning of the bidding to the present day, where all administrative, financial and legal facts and acts of the contract between City Hall and the agencies are recorded. It contains all the information, such as proof of payments, justifications for transfers, invoices, service orders and other relevant documents. The other SEI processes mentioned in the report refer to files proving payments made by the agencies, all also documented, as can be accessed by any taxpayer on the website https://processos.prefeitura.sp.gov.br/Forms/Principal.aspx.

Editing: Rodrigo Chagas

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