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Rick Barry gets 100% real how special Nikola Jokic is

Nikola Jokic is a special talent. The Denver Nuggets superstar won’t be a two-time MVP if he isn’t. But to get a better sense of how incredible he is, Rick Barry had the best words to describe the Serbian big man.

In a tweet by George Karl, the former NBA Coach of the Year shared what the legend had to say about Jokic’s game. Barry didn’t hold back in heaping praise on the Joker, emphasizing that the Nuggets star is unlike any other center the game has ever seen.

Barry even went as far as to saying that Jokic is the GOAT center when it comes to all the non-athletic big men who have stepped foot on the NBA hardcourt.

“There’s never been a center like him in history of the NBA. I love his game!! Without a doubt, the best non-super athletic center to play,” Barry said.

Rick Barry certainly couldn’t have said it any better. While there have been several great big men in the history of the game, no one has done what Nikola Jokic has achieved so far in his career. Unlike the traditional centers who used to dominate the paint with their bodies, the Joker plays differently. He uses his basketball IQ and passing to help his team win, all while not falling short in grabbing rebounds.

Jokic has certainly cemented himself as one of the best players in the history of the game. And with the Nuggets set to play for the NBA title, he also has a shot at true basketball immortality.

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