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See what is known so far about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis | World and Science

Middleton was hospitalized for undetailed abdominal surgery in January of this year.reproduction

The news comes as yet another shock to the royal family since the announcement last month that the King Charles III was treating an unspecified type of cancerwhich was discovered during a procedure for a benign enlarged prostate.

See what is known so far about the princess’s diagnosis:

When was Kate’s cancer discovered?

During the video announcement on Friday, Kate said: “Tests following the operation revealed the presence of cancer” and that she was in the early stages of treatment.

Kate underwent what was described as abdominal surgery on January 16. The news was only announced the following day, when Kensington Palace revealed that Kate was recovering from a planned operation. At the time, authorities said her condition was non-cancerous, but did not specify what type of surgery, saying only that it was successful.

What cancer does Kate have?

Kate has not revealed what type of cancer was found or how advanced it is.

What treatment is Kate having?

According to the Princess of Wales, her medical team’s recommendation was that she undergo preventive chemotherapy. Preventive chemotherapy is administered “after surgery to prevent recurrence”, Shivan Sivakumar, associate professor of oncology at the University of Birmingham, explained to AFP. “This is done to try to destroy any circulating cancer cells.”

After successful surgery, chemotherapy is often used to help kill any missed cancer cells and prevent the cancer from recurring. Treatments have evolved, and when chemotherapy is used now, it is sometimes for shorter periods or at lower doses than before.

How long will Kate’s treatment last?

She is in the initial phase of intensive chemotherapy. The palace statement said the duration of treatment will be up to the doctors. “The princess is now in the process of recovery,” the statement said.

When will she return to royal engagements?

A Kensington Palace spokesperson announced on Friday that Kathe will resume her official duties once she is discharged by her medical team. “She is in good spirits and working towards a full recovery.”

How is she?

In a video, the Princess of Wales reported that her diagnosis was a “huge shock” and that “William and I have done everything we can to process and manage this privately, for the good of our young family.”

“It took me some time to recover from major surgery to start my treatment. But most importantly, we took time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that is appropriate for them and to reassure them that I will stay well,” she said in the video message.

She said the last few months had been “incredibly difficult” for her and her family, but she was in good spirits and focused on recovery. “I’m doing well and getting stronger every day, focusing on the things that will help me heal; in my mind, body and spirit.”

Why is there an investigation at the hospital where she had surgery?

The London Clinic hospital, where the princess was admitted in January for abdominal surgery, said this week it was investigating reports that staff tried to access the princess’s medical records without authorization. At least one member of the clinic’s staff was caught trying to access the documents, according to The Mirror. An internal investigation was opened for the violation of patient privacy.

Kate’s cancer revelation came with a request for “some time, space and privacy” while she completes treatment, and was in part an attempt to quell the outcry of rumors and speculation that has accumulated since the palace announced in January abdominal surgery.

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