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This was the ‘tantrum’ and push by Travis Kelce to Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs – El Financiero

Prior to Super Bowl 2024 halftime and in the midst of Taylor Swift’s appearances at Allegiant Stadium, the San Francisco 49ers lead 10-3.

Seconds before the end of the first half, Kansas City Chiefs were able to shake off the ‘Niners’ suffocating defense to get a field goal, which brings them closer on the scoreboard.

Another of the serious offensives of the Kansas City Chiefs in the first half it occurred in the second quarter when quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw a 40-yard pass to enter the San Francisco 49ers red zone.

Minutes later Travis Kelcetight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and partner of Taylor Swift, threw a tantrum that went viral on social media.

What was the reason for the courage of the companion? Patrick Mahomes? This is the explanation.

Travis Kelce complains and pushes the Kansas City Chiefs coach

The television cameras of the world broadcast showed a very irritated Travis Kelce, facing and giving coach Andy Reid a boostafter an error on the attack of the Kansas City Chiefs offense while visibly yelling at him.

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend confronted the coach to request a greater role in his coach’s attack, after adding only one complete pass in the first.

However, that wasn’t the only reason for Kelce’s annoyance.

Seconds before, the Chiefs running back Isiah Pachecotried to carry the ball to the end zone: however, a miraculous play by the San Francisco 49ers defense caused a fumble that was not recovered by the Kansas City team.

The play cut off Kansas City’s most serious attack to that point, drawing the ire of Kelce.

After the first 30 minutes, Usher jumped on stage while coaches Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan of San Francisco made the necessary adjustments for the second half of the game to determine the winner of the Vince Lombardi trophy.

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