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Valesca Popozuda returns to Porto da Pedra after 10 years | The Day in the Folia

In the last hours before the parade, Valesca revealed that nervousness took over her mindThalita Queiroz/Agência O Dia

Published 02/11/2024 22:56 | Updated 02/11/2024 22:58

Rio – The queen of funk, Valesca Popozuda, celebrated her return to Porto da Pedra after 10 years away. She said that she refused to return in a prominent car, asking to be paraded on the ground on the avenue. For her, being in this position connects her even more with the school.

“Oh, I didn’t want to go in a prominent car, I preferred to go on the ground, very basic. If I’m back at school today it’s because it’s being reciprocal. My heart belongs to Porto da Pedra”, she declares.

The owner of the famous song “kiss on the shoulder” revealed that her heart was calm for her return, but in the last few hours nervousness took over.

“My heart was calm, but now it’s bad, I’m almost having a heart attack”, joked the funk singer. “My heart is racing,” he confessed.

The singer also spoke about the controversial performance during her show at BBB. She claims that she doesn’t have any personal problems with Rodriguinho, but her brother’s controversial statements on the TV show bothered her. “I don’t agree with some of his statements,” she said.

This Saturday (10), the schools of the Special Group Porto da Pedra, Beija-flor, Salgueiro, Grande Rio, Unidos da Tijuca and Imperatriz, respectively, will parade.

With the plot “Lunário Perpétuo: A Profética do Saber Popular”, the school sought to pay homage to one of the main sources of references and knowledge for popular northeastern poets in their songs and poetry. A basic work for mastering the art of verse, it was one of the most read in the backlands of the entire Northeast.

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