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Will Justin Bieber be Usher’s surprise guest at the 2024 Super Bowl? We know this – El Financiero

What happens in the field during the superbowl It is not always the main attraction for the public each year. The NFL has been able to generate expectations months before, when it announces the artist who will be in charge of the halftime show. The one chosen for the 58th edition is Usher, The rapper will take the stage to light up the party at Allegiant Stadium this February 11.

But he will not go alone, throughout the week there has been talk about who will accompany him in such a special night and that for many artists has meant a turning point in their career. To show, what she achieved Katy Perry in 2015 by making her performance the most viewed of all time until Rihanna’s last year arrived.

The mystery has not been revealed and the Usher has fueled speculation when referring to the musical collaborations that he has released throughout his career. At a press conference she said that He has had several ideas about who or who will be chosen.

What is the relationship between Justin Bieber and Usher like?

And like him superbowl so do people with the conversation around the halftime show, rumors have pointed to Justin Bieber. There’s some reason to believe the answer could lie with the 29-year-old Canadian because not only are they great friends, the rapper has guided him since he started making his way on the music scene.

Usher discovered Bieber on YouTubewas impressed with his talent and believed in him at the age of 14, he was the first to sign him in 2008. Although it might seem like just a masterstroke in terms of business, he did not treat him as another figure to grow in the industry, shared his experience to strengthen your mentality.

Even several years and musical successes later, he has been by his side to support him in difficult or controversial moments. “I will punch him in the chest when he needs it and I will give him a hug and a kiss when he needs it. It’s more than just mentoring. “I love the child.”said in 2014 for Hollywood Reporter about their friendship.

What song would Justin Bieber sing at the Super Bowl?

Beyond the sentimental reasons to believe that Bieber could be Usher’s guest on Las Vegasboth have a collaboration that continues to turn on fans.

Its about remix of ‘Somebody to Love’ which Justin released with Usher in 2010, the second single from his first studio album. It is a success that has not stopped performing, at the moment it has more than 261 million views on Spotify and more than 500 million views on YouTube.

The doubt will be resolved until Sunday, February 11, when halftime arrives and thousands of people in the stadium, and millions on television, are waiting for the show that will be the topic of conversation, for better or worse, of the next days.

Meanwhile, Bieber’s fans have made it known, through social media, how happy they would be to see them together at the Super Bowl. Especially after the health problems that the singer has faced recently.

Other surprises in Super Bowl halftime history

There are not always surprises at halftime superbowlsome artists prefer to anticipate who will accompany them and only leave the musical themes to the imagination.

The surprise does not always come from another artist, as in the case of Rihanna, and it is not always pleasant, as happened with Janet Jackson.

  • Rihanna, 2023: Her presentation is the one with the highest rating so far, but outside of her musical return, the Barbadian singer revealed her pregnancy and became the announcement of the arrival of his second child. She says it wasn’t intentional but a wardrobe error, but it still worked to get people talking about it for weeks.
  • Beyoncé, 2013: More than 100 million viewers were moved when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, her co-stars in Destiny’s Child, made their appearance on stage to sing ‘Bootylicious’ and ‘Independent Woman’. They had not sung together since 2006.
  • Black Eyed Peas, 2011: One of the most memorable shows was starring the American band, their hits ignited the audience, but the arrival of Slash to sing “Sweet Child o’ Mine” was the big surprise of the night.
  • Janet Jackson, 2004: The act continues to cause something to talk about and lends itself to controversy over whether it was a wardrobe accident or a gesture planned by Justin Timberlake to steal the covers. In that Super Bowl he was the surprise guest and during the choreography he tore off part of the singer’s corset, leaving her chest exposed. Those seconds on television generated a huge media stir from which Jackson could not recover.

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