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Will Smith’s incredible physical transformation: Stronger than ever before

Will Smith is continuing with his life, now a little further away from the lights and media attention after that controversy at The Oscars in March 2022.

Then, the actor famously slapped fellow actor Chris Rock after a joke about his wife and, since then, he has limited his public appearances. But, what is he doing?

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Will Smith’s new passion

Will Smith has found a new outlet, outside of his professional activities, and he has found balance in his personal life as he has taken up more physical exercise.

He is working out a lot and, at the age of 54, he has been seen in an enviable shape for his age.

Instagram: Will Smith

One of his latest feats has been to run in Dubai, as he revealed on his Instagram account with an impressive photo.

Specifically, he ran a five kilometre race in the United Arab Emirates.

“Me feelin’ real confident right before running a 5K in Dubai when it was 100F/38C!! Damn near WRECKED me,” he explained on social media.

Still, jokes about his famous slap could still be found in the comments.

Chris Rock better run,” one user commented.

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