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Bucchigiri?! Episode 6: Release Date, Where To Stream, What to Expect, And More

Bucchigiri?! is a highly anticipated anime series from MAPPA, renowned for its work on hits like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. This original anime is a return to the delinquent/Yanki genre, reminiscent of classics like Cromartie High School and Great Teacher Onizuka.

After we watched Arajin betray Matakara to follow his desires in Bucchigiri?! Episode 5, fans can expect a captivating episode coming up this week. Here’s everything you need to know about Bucchigiri?! Episode 6.

Bucchigiri?! [Taku Kishimoto, Hiroko Utsumi, MAPPA, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video]

Release date and where to stream

With the dynamic cast, Bucchigiri?! promises to deliver a compelling narrative filled with action and intrigue. Don’t miss the next episode, airing on February 14, 2024, at 11:00 am JST, or 8:30 am PT.

New episodes of Bucchigiri?! stream every Saturday on Crunchyroll, with English subs available immediately and English dubs to follow. The series comprises 12 episodes in a single cour, providing fans with a consistent viewing experience. Crunchyroll, a popular streaming service specializing in anime distribution, offers access to this original MAPPA production.

Bucchigiri?! [Taku Kishimoto, Hiroko Utsumi, MAPPA, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video]

Bucchigiri?! Episode 6: what to expect

While specific details about the plot remain under wraps due to the series being an original anime, viewers can anticipate another action-packed episode as Marito and Kenchiro finally go head-to-head. With Mahoro watching from the sidelines as her brother takes on the giant Kenchiiro, it is highly likely she will play a role in stopping the two from killing each other.

As Arajin navigates the complexities of his relationships and allegiances, Arajin and Senya’s partnership will continue to evolve. Expect epic battles, supernatural elements, and further character development as the story unfolds. More on Ichiya is also expected to be revealed.

Bucchigiri?! [Taku Kishimoto, Hiroko Utsumi, MAPPA, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video]

Bucchigiri?! Episode 5 recap

In Bucchigiri?! Episode 5, Matakara Asamine confronts NG Boys in an attempt to stop the war between Minato Kai and Sigma Gang, only to find Arajin there after he was enticed by the promise of losing his virginity to the NG Girls. Arajin does this after he punched Emperor. Arajin’s allegiance to Matakara wavers even after Matakara was bound and chained. Later, upon learning of Emperor’s intentions towards Mahoro, he gets angry and punches Emperor before running off, NG Boys now after him.

Meanwhile, the war between Sigma gang and Minato Kai is about to begin, as Marito and his gang members wait for Kenchiro’s Minato Kai to approach them while on a large battlefield. Marito and Kenchiro prepare for battle, when Matakara comes and stops the gangs from fighting with proof of Emperor and NG Boys’ meddling. Arajin, while running from NG Boys, leads them to the scene of the battle, and the two gangs start believing Matakara. Despite this, however, Marito and Kenchiro decide to fight.

Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates on the war between Minato Kai and Sigma Gang in the Bucchigiri?! anime.

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