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Claudia Sheinbaum, looking for her financial team – El Financiero

With the almost official start of the campaigns with a view to the next presidential elections in June of this year, a stage also begins, where at least in the financial and business sector all the messages that are launched and that have to do with future public policies and the management of federal resources.

With this, also, the discussions of who could be the best profiles to be in charge of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) in the next six-year term and succeed Rogelio Ramírez de la Owhich must be clarified, if she is the candidate Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo Whoever wins the elections, it is known that they would like Ramírez de la O to remain at the helm. However, the current person in charge of public finances, it is said, has thanked the invitation, but it is not in his future plans to continue in public service.

For this reason, discussions have begun on who could be the best element to accompany Sheinbaum in the SHCP, since also, at least in the financial sector, with the data from this year’s start, almost everyone has already discounted that it will be a winner. Of the future head of the country’s finances, note several who are mentioned.

Of course, there is the current undersecretary Gabriel Yorio, who in these years has been a key player in the work with the financial sector and who the managers know best, and who they express in a cordial manner, but above all they recognize that given his current position, he is the one who knows most closely the most important issues. important in the country in economic matters.

Also, in these ‘short’ consultations, and given that they are elections where the two main candidates are women, it is mentioned Luz Elena González, current Secretary of Administration and Finance of Mexico City, and who could also be the one to break the glass ceiling and become the first woman to head the Treasury. They recognize her efficiency and seriousness in managing the finances of the largest city in the country, making her a strong candidate, or as undersecretary of the branch, teaming up with Yorio.

In these shortlists, also the current head of Banobras, Jorge Mendozais mentioned as a good future undersecretary, thanks to the work he has done at the bank and the work with the states and municipalities, which has been reflected in launching important works, taking care of the institution’s finances.

Of course, what worries everyone without exception in the financial sector is that in the next Congress there will not be an adequate balance.

The AIFA train

As I told you last week, work is being done in an accelerated manner to have everything ready on the tracks for the train that would connect the Suburban from the Buenavista Station to the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), what the general wears Isidoro Pastor, where there will be an internal terminal where travelers will arrive after 40 minutes by train.

The second part of this project, as we were reminded as part of the plans to have two connected air ports, is to unite the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), currently in charge of Carlos Velázquez, with the AIFA with another train route and thus both airports are linked.

The project that has been discussed, which could work, mind you, and which could certainly change, since it would be up to the next federal administration to make the decision, is to modify terminal 1, to build two new terminals, 3 and 4. , where the remote platforms and customs are located, there next to the hangar of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic. In that area, there would be the train terminal that could connect both airports, and now trigger mobility in a safer way and, above all, national and international flights have some security that they can be taken at a certain time, without the fear of traffic or the demonstrations in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, will they succeed?

Prosa was sold, is E-Global still there?

After several years of analysis, the Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece) announced in September of last year the result of its investigation into market concentration by E-Global and Prose in payment processing, where it recommended that financial authorities make adjustments to the way they operated to eliminate barriers to competition.

As everyone knows, in December of last year, the sale of 51 percent of Prosethat carries Salvador Espinosa, to Visa, who in Mexico directs Luz Adriana Ramírez, The previous partners, which include Banorte, HSBC México, Invex, Santander México, Scotiabank México and Banjército, were diluted, but without control of the Mexican payment processor.

Now, the next sale that could occur, according to speculation in the financial sector, is that of E-Global, which belongs to Banamex and BBVA MexicoAlthough they could remain shareholders, control would be transferred to the new partner, given that Visa acquired Prosa. How would you see Mastercard taking control of E-Global?

Pemex, the decline that was not a surprise

From being the jewel in the crown a few decades ago, to later being converted into a productive state company that failed to take off and now close to falling into “high-risk speculation”, given the downgrade of the rating given to it by the agency Moody’s and the negative perspective in which he placed her, place Pemex almost at a standstill.

For the country’s main financiers, it is simply very far from Pemex, which has Octavio Romero, may have some substantial help, since there is simply not enough resources to ‘inject’ life into it either in this one or in the start of the next administration, so its future is uncertain.

For now, the coin is in the air.

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