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Draymond Green Doesn't Appreciate Kevin Durant's High Praise For Stephen Curry: "Stop It"

After the Golden State Warriors beat the Phoenix Suns 113-112 on Saturday night, Kevin Durant called Stephen Curry the greatest point guard ever and a top-five player of all time. Draymond Green, however, took issue with what Durant had to say.

I think Green misunderstood what Durant had said. The quote in that post could be wrongly interpreted as him calling Curry a top-five point guard of all time when in actuality he said a top-five player. Green didn’t recognize it, but he and Durant are on the same page when it comes to where Curry ranks among the greats of the game.

Earlier this season, Draymond had claimed Curry is among the top five players of all time, and that he isn’t fifth. For those wondering who he has on his list, Green did previously reveal who he considers to be the five greatest players of all time.

I personally don’t believe he ranks in the top five all-time, but he would be in the top 10. What Curry has done over the years and continues to do today is simply remarkable. Against the Suns, he had 30 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, and 1 steal, and capped off the night with a ridiculous 29-foot game-winning three-pointer.

Draymond Green Says Curry Is The Greatest Point Guard Ever

Green has never shied away from singing Curry’s praises and it’s clear he holds his teammate in very high regard. Last year, Draymond stated Curry had surpassed Magic Johnson to become the greatest point guard ever.

“What he’s done to the game of basketball, which I think is an even greater compliment than what you’ve done for the game,” said Draymond in a chat with ESPN. What he’s done to the game of basketball… like how can he not be? It’s very easy one for me. I gotta roll with the dawg that I rolled in with and that’s Steph Curry.” 

What makes the Curry and Magic comparison so difficult, is how differently they played the game. Johnson was a traditional point guard who orchestrated the offense and could score when needed. Curry, meanwhile, is someone who primarily is a scorer and can also facilitate. 

It then comes down to the resume and Magic has the edge there. Curry has won four titles, a Finals MVP, and two MVPs, which is very impressive, but Johnson won five titles, three Finals MVPs, and three MVPs. Steph still has time to add to his case, of course, and if he wins another championship or two, he might just wrestle that title away from Magic.

Draymond Green Went Off On Jusuf Nurkic

Durant wasn’t the only Phoenix Sun whose comments Green had a problem with. Jusuf Nurkic said Draymond hadn’t learned his lesson from the suspension and would hit someone again, as he wasn’t happy with the Warriors star’s antics during the game. In response, Green stated Nurkic tried to get into his head but it didn’t work.

He added that he won’t be quiet on the court like the Bosnian, because quiet guys do not win. The 33-year-old had some more things to get off his chest afterward too, as Green called out Nurkic for his comments on Instagram. This was the last regular season meeting between the Suns and the Warriors this season, so we won’t get to see these two face off again for a while unless the teams meet in the playoffs.

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