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Fans Love Smylie Kaufman And Kevin Kisner Commentating At The 16th Hole At The WM Phoenix Open

Saturday’s play of the WM Phoenix Open at the 16th hole got even more exciting when Smylie Kaufman And Kevin Kisner teamed up for commentary. The most exciting golf hole had no shortage of boos but what got more interesting was the announcers themselves booing the players.

Last year, Colt Knost and Amanda Renner were fabulous with the job at TPC Scottsdale. But since the CBS crew was taking a well-deserved break before the Super Bowl, so they tried something new. This time around, Kaufman and Kisner were set up together at the famous Coliseum to commentate for NBC Sports. They had a pretty different style from what fans have ever seen on a golf broadcast.

Fans React To Smylie Kaufman And Kevin Kisner Commentating at WM Phoenix Open’s 16th Hole

Golfers themselves taking the front seat of commentary can only happen at the WM Phoenix Open. On Saturday at the 16th hole, Smylie Kaufman and Kevin Kisner were set up a few yards away from the tee box. They delighted the fans with their constant fun commentary.

Fans were quick to spot them and they just loved the duo taking up the job. One of the fans wrote that the duo was absolutely “refreshing and hilarious”.

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Another fan loved Smylie Kaufman and Kevin Kisner booing players and urged them to see more on commentary.

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A fan said that seeing Kaufman and Kisner at the 16th hole of the WM Phoenix Open proved that the golf telecast would be a lot more enjoyable if the broadcasters understood that the first three rounds were much different from Sunday.

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There was a fan who said that she was late for church because she could not hold herself back from watching Smylie Kaufman and Kevin Kisner. She later asked to see them together more often.

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Fans were absolutely delighted to see Kaufman and Kisner’s duo lighting up the mood of the WM Phoenix Open on Saturday. They wished to watch them more often and praised their commentary skills. Here are some top comments from fans on X (formerly Twitter):

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Smylie Kaufman and Kevin Kisner lit up the mood of the entire WM Phoenix Open on Saturday at the 16th hole. Despite them not being on the playing field, their commentary off the course was truly amazing and so did the fans feel. It would be exciting to see them more often on the broadcast side of golf tournaments for sure.

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