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Shakira releases sneak peek of new single with Fuerza Regida called ‘El Jefe’

Shakira took to Instagram on Saturday to give fans a sneak peek of her latest single titled “El Jefe” featuring Fuerza Regida, a regional Mexican music band based out of San Bernardino, California. She shared a preview of the song, which is expected to be another hit.by the Colombian star.

The song and music video drop on Wednesday, September 20 on YouTube. Shakira’s foray into regional Mexican music has been a pleasant surprise for her fans and the music industry in general. The artist has once again demonstrated her versatility and ability to experiment with different genres, making her one of the most influential artists in the world.

Shakira in hat and boots sets social media ablaze with “El Jefe” previewRoberto Ortega

In the clip, Shakira completely immerses herself in regional Mexican style, wearing high-heeled boots, a cowboy hat and a fringed skirt she gracefully waves around while dancing.

“El Jefe” is a testament to Shakira’s ability to transcend borders and connect with audiences from diverse cultures through her music.

In the song’s teaser, Shakira sings in Spanish: “You’re dreaming of leaving the hood. You’ve got everything to be a millionaire. Expensive tastes, the mentality, you’re just missing the salary.”

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