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“What they did to me at the Gf” – Libero Quotidiano

Robert Tortora

He knows about breaking news, since he has launched many of them in the running of TG1. Now the news is him. We are talking about Atilius Romita, journalist and former contestant of Big Brother Vip. In an interview with Nuovo TV, in fact, Romita spoke of her relationship with her daughter Alessia, her partner Mimma and her experience on the Canale 5 reality show, of which she heavily attacks the authors. Shouldering his daughter, the journalist from Bari says: “My daughter didn’t want to see me at GF Vip. She was right, they tore me apart. Alessia still has tense nerves, because she saw that I was treated very badly by the program. I arrived at the House unwary – explains Attilio – without the support of admirers and without knowing the authors, unlike my travel companions. They only gave me some visibility when they had to beat me or put me in trouble. My daughter had warned me: “They will tear you apart, because you are a journalist with a fairly successful career”. And so it was.”

In short, when he has to give her the news, Romita doesn’t mince words. Just as she hadn’t even when judging the behavior of another competitor, one of the protagonists of this latest edition of GFVip, that is Edoardo Donnamaria. The journalist claims that the Forum columnist cursed several times during his experience in the Cinecittà house, but was never eliminated, because it was useful for the dynamics of the program, due to his love story with Antonella Fiordelisi. Also according to Romita, Donnamaria would have gotten to her head and is convinced of winning the reality show, which is why he flaunts arrogant behavior and has repeatedly attacked Romita himself, calling him sexist and classist.

Luckily for him, Attilio Romita has at least managed to mend the relationship with his partner Mimma, with whom he has been linked for about eight years. Her presence at her GFVip had shaken her and put the couple in crisis, also by virtue of the friendship inside the house between the journalist and Sarah Altobello: “At first she didn’t want to be touched, but one night she caressed me and it ended as it should have. From the following morning our relationship returned to normal – concludes Romita – and I hope to convince her to marry me by the end of the year”.

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