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because it has no chance against the government – ​​Libero Quotidiano

Elly Schlein
Robert Formigoni

The victory of Elly Schlein in the race for the leadership of the democratic party he has certainly changed the face of the Italian left. Schlein is the first woman president of the party, she is the furthest to the left of all the secretaries, she was not even a member of the Democratic Party (she signed up to be able to participate in the race), she espoused and declaims in every speech all the “isms” that go fashionable in the politically correct: environmentalism, anti-capitalism, lgbtq, gender fluidity etc. She is the opposite of Meloni, and probably many Pd voters have chosen it for this. Demonstrating that he does not understand that Meloni has won and is strong not because of the mistakes that his party has made in the past, but precisely because he corrected them or he is vigorously correcting them.

The Democratic Party it will not be able to embarrass the government with the arguments used by Schlein in the congressional campaign. Can this government be accused of being anti-European? It’s very difficult. To be a danger to public finances? It’s very difficult. Can this government be accused of being fascist? It’s very tough. To be against women and their freedom? It is equally very hard (remember, for example, that Meloni has promised not to touch the abortion law). Nor will he be able to continue repeating like a broken record clichés (abolishing patriarchy), old-communist theorems (new taxes _ to fight global warming), or great anti-fascist proclamations. If the language of the Democratic Party continues to be this, its own voters will tend to consider it more and more out of touch with reality. In short, if Schlein is the one in the campaign for the secretariat, as secretary she will have to change her strategy, and a lot. It is a question of seeing if, after many years, when the Democratic Party is in opposition it does not limit itself to denouncing the (alleged) mistakes of those in government, but is able to propose strategies and programs capable of solving Italy’s problems.

Vast program, it can be said, not without difficulties.

We will then see how much and if his victory and his policies will cause the party to lose militants and voters, precisely because of the extremism shown up to now. It must be said that the immediate escape of the more moderate exponents, hypothesized by many, has not so far been apparent, only Fioroni has left the Democratic Party. But these are processes that may take longer to process, and there are two centre-left parties that have already made their strategies understood, the M5S to hegemonize the far left, the Third Pole to steal away managers and voters. In short, the political battle in the coming times will still and increasingly be in the field of the left. The government knows how to take advantage of it to strengthen itself and implement its program in the best possible way.

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