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Persona 3 Reload – Gourmet King Moon Social Link Guide

Here is the Moon Social Link Guide for the Gourmet King, Nozomi Suemitsu, in Persona 3 Reload. This includes the answers for Social Link events with the Gourmet King, available days, and more.

Persona 3 Reload “Gourmet King” Nozomi Suemitsu Moon Social Link Guide

The Moon Social Link in Persona 3 Reload is advanced by meeting

Nozomi Suemitsu is available on all days during the daytime, even during exam days or non-school days. He’s also relatively easy to level up.

The Gourmet King Social Link becomes available after you hear about him from Kenji Tomochika by leveling up the Magician Social Link to 4. Nozomi Suemitsu requires Rank 2 Charm on the protagonist for him to pay attention to you and initiate his Social Link. Once past this requirement, he will ask you a series of questions and request an Odd Morsel from you.

Odd Morsels can be picked up from the lower floors of Tartarus.

As with any of the other Social Links in the Persona series, having a Persona of the Moon Arcana in your stock will increase each interaction by one point and will speed up the progress of the Social Link.

The protagonist will receive a Gourmet License from Nozomi Suemitsu when the Moon Social Link reaches Rank 10. This item unlocks the fusion of Sandalphon.

Nozomi Suemitsu / Gourmet King Dialogue Answers

Here are all of the dialogue options and answers for Nozomi Suemitsu in Persona 3 Reload.

Dialogue options in bold are the best options. If none of the options are bold, then any of the choices will do. Again, a friendly reminder to have a Persona of the Moon Arcana when you spend time with Nozomi.

Beware of slight spoilers.

Rank 0

What’s the most popular drink at the cafe over there?

What color is the mascot for Azuki Arai Sweets?

What is the secret menu item in Hagakure?

Rank 1

  • H-Hey! Y-You! Call the fire truck— Er, I mean the, uh… Uh…
    • Call the police?
    • Sorry, what?

Rank 2

  • Well? Would you wanna be… my younger brother?
    • Sure, why not.
    • Not really, no.

Rank 3

  • So? Do you “get me,” hm? Who am I? Go on, I wanna hear it come out of your mouth!
    • Nozomi Suemitsu.
    • The Gourmet King.

Rank 4

  • Whew… That was way too close. If that toilet was just a bit further away… Ohhhh, boy.
    • Did you eat too much?
    • Are you feeling sick?

Rank 5

  • Right, Makoto-kun?
    • That’s right.
    • Sorry, what?

Rank 6

  • I don’t get it. I was fine up until a minute ago, then suddenly I felt sick.
    • Does this happen a lot?
    • Did you eat too much?
    • Are you sick?

Rank 7

  • Well? Did that just blow your mind?
    • Yeah, I’m freaking out.
    • Not really.
    • The world is ending?
  • Not to mention you’ll get a discount since I’ll be referring you, too. You are one lucky guy!
    • That’s insane!
    • No way I’m paying that.

Rank 8

  • Look at me! I’m paper-thin now!
    • You do look thinner.
    • No, you’re not.

Rank 9

  • Finally, Paradise is smiling back at me! Yes! Yesss!
    • You’re gonna scam them, too?
    • Just knock it off.
There is an unavoidable Reverse Card in the Gourmet King Social Link in Persona 3 Reload.
There is an unavoidable Reverse Card in the Gourmet King Social Link in Persona 3 Reload. | via SEGA/ATLUS

There will be a Reverse Card during this scenario. Proceed as usual.

Rank 10

  • But I couldn’t even cry. I actually felt… relieved. I thought, “Maybe they’ll all finally stop laughing at me.”
    • That’s terrible.
    • That’s understandable.
  • But if I keep this up, I’ll never be able to replace my brother, will I?
    • Just be yourself.
    • You’re irreplaceable.

Persona 3 Reload is now available on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Steam. Only digital versions are available for Xbox, Windows, and Steam.

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