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What happened to Roberto Xavier, winner of ‘La Voz Kids’ 2019, and his father accused of stealing the award? – The financial

5 years ago, the driver and singer Yuri shouted on television that Robert Xavier was the winner of The voice Kids 2019 and that eight-year-old boy with a hat jumped on the screens with his trophy, his coach bright Star He took off his shoes to run and catch up with him on stage. A few days ago, his story reappeared on social media.

Who won ‘La Voz Kids’ 2019?

After singing in 10 programs during that season of the reality show, Roberto Xavier, from Lucero’s team, obtained the highest number of votes from the public and triumphed in the competition; In second place was Mario Girón, from the Carlos Rivera team, and Mónica Plehn.

Roberto Xavier, originally from The light, The plain, Aguascalientes, had chosen bright Star as her teacher after auditioning on the show. The boy sang several regional Mexican songs throughout the season and in the final he performed ‘Medicine’ and ‘I would need’, the latter next to his coach.

Roberto Xavier revealed that his father stole the award

On September 1, 2022, a YouTube channel called The Donkey showpresented Roberto Xavier in a program where he spoke about What was it like to be famous at such a young age?about his beginnings in singing at the age of four in restaurants and taquerias, in addition to his arrival at reality show.

According to this story, in 2019 he told his mother that he wanted to appear on television, like Pedrito Fernandez, his idol. So she auditioned for the show The voice Kids in Mexico City: “we raised money for the ticket.”

The boy added that he was selected as a participant and chose Lucero as coach because she recorded films with Pedrito Fernández.

In said broadcast, they asked him what the program’s prize had been and he answered that it was half a million pesos.

“What did you buy? A car?” the driver asked him; “No, unfortunately, six months after I won The voice Kids my dad abandoned us and took the prize”.

“To the people who didn’t know, That spread like wildfire in the middle“The boss got angry,” added the driver. The Donkey show.

On February 5, the YouTuber known as ‘Eslowolse’ went to a high school in Aguascalientes, where a boy identified himself as Roberto Xavierwinner of The voice Kids in 2019, and explained that she no longer sang the same songs as before because her voice had changed: “but I already brought new songs and I already recorded new unreleased songs.”

After his reappearance went viral, a man named Roberto Marin, who introduced himself as the father of Robertito Xavier, winner of said program, published a video on Facebook where He claimed that he did not steal his son and they haven’t allowed him to see him for years.

“I have been slandered, I have been attacked, for a publication that said I stole my money, something he himself said on a page, for misinforming. Yes there is such a prize, but it is a trust for their studies.”

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